CM 12.1 Z3 C D5833

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16/07/2016, 21:33:51 via Web

Xperia Z3 Compact, CyanogenMod 12 - official nightly

Since 2015-01-21 CM12 nightly available.

- calls
- sms
- 2G, 3G, LTE DATA
- sound (2 speakers are ok)
- bluetooth
- camera + video recording are ok
- wi-fi
- Compass
- OTA update

Reported bugs:
- Audio calls work over loudspeaker, it's usable, but uncomfortable.
- Calling app somebody is a bit laggy - Try turning off "Phone number lookup" in dialer settings
- built in Audio Fx seems to be buggy on BT

Solved bugs:
- auto brightness is buggy - SOLVED 2015-01-27
- the recovery is EXTREMELY hard to read. It looks like a black screen but if you look closer the brightness is set to minimum or something. - SOLVED 2015-01-27

Download Links:
CyanogenMod 12:
Nightly: link


- backup current ROM
- download and put cm12 ROM on external SD
- extract kernel from this cm12 zip (boot.img) and flash in fastboot / fastboot flash boot boot.img
- power up phone, go to recovery mode
- do a full wipe
- select Aplly Update -> chose from sdcard1 -> select cm12 nightly zip
- after finish reboot phone

Google Apps i got from here: I pick "micro version of gapps"

Thanks to veimus for instalation help
Alguém já tentou instalar a rom (não me responsabilizo se alguém tentar instalar e tiver problemas).