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05/12/2015, 15:40:28 via Web

WiPointer emulates the real mouse functions. Similar to the newest smart TV remote control (or like Nintendo Wii pad), the WiPointer can be used to control your android TV or PC when watching movies, listening to music, surfing on the Internet, PowerPoint presentations and even more!
To enjoy this new way of interaction, you only need to install WiPointer on your phone and WiPointer Server on your android TV or on your PC. No additional configuration is needed!

The connection between the phone and android TV or PC is established using WiFi technology (portable hotspot or WiFi router).

Google play:
App: WiPointer

WiPointer Server for Android( Google play):
App: WiPointer Server

WiPointer Server for PC (linux and windows):
Sourceforge: WiPointer